0 Likes on Instagram

The game is deceptively simple yet infinitely complex.


To receive 0 likes on a photo posted to Instagram.


Determining a winner

Receiving 0 likes is a sublime task that has yet to be fully realized. I have seen many great 0 like photos eventually fall, first by a single like, then twos, threes and even into double digits. Because a true 0 liked photo is an unreasonable expectation there is a multi-tiered system of victory.


20 minutes: Let the games begin. 45 minutes: Don't get cocky, there's a long way to go. 1 hour: Interesting. We'll see about this. 2 hours: Ok, you have my attention. Now... what are you gonna do with it? 3 hours: This might go the distance. good luck. 6 hours: Wow, ok, yes. 12 hours: Congratulations! You are in the winners circle. 24 hours+: You have ascended to a higher plane. My words no longer have meaning to you.

Styles of play

1. Endurance

A photo is posted and its potential like ncount stretches into infinity. Score is measured against all photos submitted to the game in perpetuity.

2. Grudge Match

A group of people compete for the duration of their time hanging out on that day. a winner is determined by whomever has the fewest likes at the point when the competitors split up.

"0 Likes On Instagram" Invented by Nick DeMarco, 2016.
It is licensed for fair use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License.

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