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Empty Day is a day of social media silence taking place on October 12, 2019.

It’s a day we all agree to leave social media alone. Instead we agree to connect, reconnect, and maybe even go outside ... we “go quietly” for a day. As of the day this page was printed (on ), thereThere are 171 days until Empty Day.

But Empty Day doesn’t disregard social media altogether. Empty Day is also a website, www.emptyday.todaythis website, where in not too long, you’ll find ideas, assignments, and suggestions on how to use these social networks in more relaxing and imaginative ways. We aim to focus attention on how and when we post in order to promote better well-being and mental health for all.

To get involved:

  • Tell your friends about this website. Write to them or call them.
  • Print this website. Put the flier up in your local town hall, school, or other public place.
  • Organise an offline event; a picnic, a party, a brunch, a concert, etc. on October 12th. Anything so long as a phone isn’t involved. Add to your calendar.

Empty Day is nothing without you. Feel free to sign up to our mailing list so we can notify you once a month about what’s going on. Once you do, we will list your first name below on a leaf blowing in the wind. There are leaves right now.

Wind over water,

For more information... www.emptyday.today.

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